Saturday, July 01, 2006

My life at the mo


I've got a gallery now on DeviantART, like Jade, so here it is:

Yeah, I know my drawings aren't exactly great but that's how things go. I'm gonna be doing a collage soon (when I get some paper and actually find some time when I can be bothered doing it) so hopefully that'll be good.
I'm gonna add another of Becky's stories in a mo so that'll be something to keep you entertained.
Going to my brother Craig's graduation this week so that'll be another not-full-week in school. (=P I haven't had a full 5-day week for yonks - holiday, off-sick, etc, etc...) You've got to dress up all smart though and you can't cheer or anything you've just got to clap like a posh so and so. Suppose it makes sense like, but sigh.
I am loving The Mighty Boosh at the mo. Its just fantabulous ("Look deep into the parka.."...gawd...). Another thing I'm loving is LocoRoco on the PSP. That game is just so darn happy it makes you smile on the flippin' loading screen! (Okay, maybe that was a lie but you know where I'm coming from).
Had a boss time the last two nites at Steph's & Vicki's. Always have a laugh with my mates though. =D
Damn, I was gonna write something then but I've totally forgotten...erm....hmm....awwh crap its gone.
Poo, its gonna bug me for ages now. Oh well, thats pretty much everything mildly exciting thats been going on round my end.

Cya'z later my little toasties.

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