Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sugar Puffs - The Second Installment of Becky's Stories

Here it is, Becky's second story - Sugar Puffs. Again it's based around Jak and Daxter with a dash of Resident Evil.
Not much more to say apart from: sit back, relax and enter the crazy mind of Becky...

Sugar Puffs

As he crushed me in his hand I thought of how it had led up to this. Daxter had died a watery death as there were no ripples left in the water and now I was going to die.

It all started when we heard of the dark eco on the Forbidden Island.
Daxter said, "I don't go anywhere with scary, spooky or forbidden in it's name." Ramon then said, "Daxter is a scaredy cat, well scaredy ottsel."
Daxter grabbed Salazar and punched him.
Ramon shouted, "Reginald!"
This small 2"4 boy in his 16s came in. Ramon blabbed on about his son. Reginald was basically mini-mini-me of Ramon.

Anyway, me, Dax and Sig drove to the Forbidden Island. On the way we heard Razer the loon sing the 'Nana Moon Rhapsody' on the radio. Daxter mimiced it with a pen in his mouth and a doll with a big red afro. I laughed and then got out because we were there. I gave our chauffeur UR-86 10p and said, "Keep the change" then walked off.

Sig said, "Jak I'm sorry but I can't get past, Dr Baboon has security lazers where metal can't go past. Sorry cherries, but it's my eye."
Me and Daxter went past and carried on. We got past the giant cat on the mat and the rain of apples.

Finally we reached the vault that contained the dark eco. I was about to stick my amulet in when a massive robot grabbed me. Daxter tried to get me but got flung in the river.

Now I am back up to the start of the story. I am struggling but it is killing me quicker.......I....I feel weird......

I woke up. Keira towered over me. I clambered up and Daxter jumped out of the water and said, "Jak, I am never going swimming again."
Leon said, "Lets go get that dark eco."
Well you know the rest so I'll skip to the end..

When we got home I invited; Ramon, Reginald, Leon, Ashley, Luis, Claire, Shiv, Torn, Edje, Ashelin, Sig, UR-86, Pecker and Steve.
Razer came anyway and sang.
I kissed Keira and thanked her saving me.

This is Daxter saying: Jak don't write too much info! and does anyone know how G.T Blitz gets that sheen in his hair coz I must know.

Ok Dax.
We ended the party by eating ice-cream and toast.


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