Tuesday, September 18, 2007


You can now find the epic story of 'Grapes' at the new blog www.mysweetchestnut.blogspot.com
I will post on here every time a new chapter is added.

If you are new to Grapes why not try Chapter 1:

Chapter 1
Leon woke up hot and sweaty. It had been like this since Ramon Salazar died in Ramon's castle. Oddler Saddler was nowhere to be seen and as for Ramon, well, Leon has disposed of him. So Leon decided to live in the castle with his dead friend's body, Luis.
Ashley heard Leon's footsteps. She'd told her dad she wanted to stay with Leon. Leon had objected but Ashley insisted. She didn't want to miss Leon's next adventure. They had killed El Gigante, Delago, the Bella Sisters, Doctor Salvador, Bitores Mendez and, of course, Ramon. Ashley had decided she would rather risk her life for fun than be bored in the White House. She closed her eyes and fell to sleep.
"Woof," barked Razzle. Leon had saved him from a trap while he was looking for Ashley. Leon and Razzle had also killed El Gigante. Razzle adored Leon so Leon kept him.
"Shush Razzle, you'll wale up Ashley."
"Oh Razzle shu...oh my god."
Leon dropped the milk on the floor. And a grape.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Horror Returns!

Yeah, so we went back to school today. It's still the same pile of crap that it used to be but I have to admit the day wasn't all too bad. In the morning we just stayed in form till break and then had double geography (which was really easy). In the afternoon all we had was double science which was also really easy. I actually quite like the class I'm in, they seperated top set into two and there's pretty much no scumbags in the class. Hehe, the teacher even said we'll be watching parts of Terminator because it has something to do with speed or something. I'm hoping that it'll be a part from the first one with good ol' Kyle in it, but I can't help thinking it'll be from no.3 :(. Oh, but wait, it'll probably be next week when I'm not gonna be in. Damn. Ah well, I'll get over it.