Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23rd April 2008

Why, hello there peoples of the internets. May I welcome you to my humble abode.

But anyway, I GOT SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT: PLAYING WITH FIRE LAST WEEKEND!! And it's greatness as per usual. I'd quote something that made me laugh out of it, but I can't remember anything right now XD

We had to do Enterprise for enrichment today and, to be honest, I was not looking forward to doing it but it was actually pretty funny. We got split into two groups - Carina, Razel & me and Becky, Viv & Greg' - and the team leaders of the groups had to pick up 3 items from Miss's office and then we had to 'make' a product out of it and do a presentation about it. The presentations were so funny, everyone put on their best 'Salesman' voice and we tried to sell our product. Becky's group were selling a little robot mp3 player that followed a magnetic pen (i think it was magnetic anyway) and we were selling 'Musicup' - a custom made mug gift set with a 10track CD. Hahaha, it was such a lame product but it was the best we could come up with with a mug, a CD and a board rubber (the board rubber posed as marshmallows/hot chocolate sachet).
But yeah, it was hilarious watching their presentation/doing our presentation, and then having the big "Do you have any questions?" battle at the end XD

I better be off ol' chum. My mother and I are taking a visit to the gymnasium this eve and I positively have to get ready now, I do. Tatty-bye.
Walk on Joesphine, walk on. *clop clop clop*

Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April 2008

I learnt how to kind-of do a frontdrop today in trampolining! XD I was pretty scared of trying it but it wasn't that bad in the end. And yeah, I've lost most of the skin on my elbows but I can now do a front drop!

Vicki linked me to Charlie the Unicorn 2 yesterday. Gotta be one of the most random and annoying things ever but it is so, so hilarious =D Jenny & me were quoting it all day, and I sent her the 'Put a Banana In Your Ear' song before XD The best line of that song being, "Put a ripe banana right into your favourite ear." Hahaha...

I think we may be going to town tomorrow (so Vicki if you read this in time & get the urge to come - ya welcome to!) but we're all uberskint (except that Jenny one...) so we're just gonna go on a little, shall-we-say 'Cultural' walk down by the PierHead/Albert Dock XD

I bought ICO last weekend! I've been looking everywhere for it and I just randomly decided to check Zavvi to see if their price for FFXII was lower than Woolies when I found it! Just sitting there minding it's own business on the shelf! I was like, "Gasp!" so I just forgot all about FFXII, grabbed it and made for the till, having a little nosey at the people demoing Mario Kart Wii on the way. And not only did I come out with a game that I thought was near-impossible to find except for £17 or whatever preowned on the internet (I got it £13 NEW) but the dude who served me on the till was really good-looking XD And after I left I got a KitKat Chunky & some Cokie-Cola and chilled out in the sun for a while.
All in all it was a pretty C'est Super day!

So anyway, I played some of it last night and it is pretty impressive. Just the sheer size and detail of the castle is amazing (especially seeing as the game's about 5-6 years old) and it seems like it'll be an interesting little adventure. I'm hoping it's as good an experience as Shadow of the Colossus which was also a very "Whoa! Would you look at that!!" kind of game.

Anyway, I better go. Areeeeba!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

8th April 2008

I'm off school today! Oh, sweet blissful happiness!!

Actually, tell a lie, I had to go in this morning for about 10 boring, pointless minutes with my dad (who was making those stupid Nazi jokes of his the whole time XD. Terrible...) for a parents meeting thing. So yeah, apparantly my target is "To ask questions in Science and give the teacher eye contact so I don't daydream and miss a huge chunk of the lesson becasuse he explains things really quickly & just once".

I discovered a cool & handy little website the other day: You can put what looks like any band/artist in the search bar and then you can listen to their songs! Not ALL of the tracks are the full song, but (from what I've seen so far) a lot of them are. It looks like it'll be useful for quickly checking out a band's sound without having to spend time downloading. I'm checking out Rise Against right now, because their song on GH3 was cool XD

Might try & write some Smarman if Mr Inspiration feels like visiting my brain. Or else I'll just play on Harvest Moon & carry on winning over Dark, 'hem, sorry, Skye.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1st April 2008

Haha, after hearing about Rick Rolling for the first time on the local news last night, I found it hilarious to find the following choice of answers on the GameFAQs Poll of the Day...


And if you don't know what Rick Rolling actually is, here's the definition:

When what you think is a link to something you want to see actually directs you to a video of Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up."