Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things I do when I'm bored. #2

When I'm bored I waffle. Get ready for some serious waffling!!!! (mmm...waffles...)

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 the other night. Shocking yet absolutley fantabulous that film is! I'm glad I watched the first one again the night before because Dead Man's Chest included a few jokes to do with #1 and knowing me if I hadn't of watched it the night before, I would have totally forgot about them and just be like, "wha?!". I must say I was pretty impressed by the 3-way sword fight and the special effects - Beautys! (why did I just say that? why did I just say that?..) Anywho, I can not wait for Pirates 3!!! Does anyone know when it's coming out? Next year or even later? I hope it's not later, I need answers!!!!!
-What's Will gonna do about the whole Jack & Elizabeth kiss?!
-What's gonna happen to Davey Jones and his heart!?
-How are they gonna bring Jack back to life?! (if he's even dead...)
-And what the hell is gonna happen with Captain Barbossa?!!?!?
It's just all too much.....

In other news...
I'm goin to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on 4th August!!! YIPEE!!! I luv fairs!!! I can't wait to go on the Big One!! It best not be shut on the day we go, I'll cry. And it best not be raining either, coz if it is, we won't be going at all! NOOOOO!!

The week after Blackpool I'm getting my brace tightened. Great, another 3 days of bananas, yoghurts and mush in general. Oh well, at least this time I'll be used to the brace itself, I'll only feel pain (only?! I say that like it's a good thing).

Well, I suppose that's it really. If I think of anything else to waffle about, I'll be sure to add it!!! How lucky you people are!!!!

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