Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alton Towers

Awh, just got back from our end-of-year trip with the school to Alton Towers. All I gotta say is that place is fab.

Thanks to me and my mates' "run like hell to the big rides as soon as you get there" tactic, we managed to get on pretty much all the big main rides (apart
from Rita but oh well..) so it was boss! Omg, Oblivion has got to be one of, if not The, scariest rides I've ever been on. 'Ecky Peck, me and my mates were proper poopin' our pants on the build up to that ride and God, the actually drop itself.....geez. You should see the picture that Becky bought of me and her on it. She's got her eyes closed, I've got a look of pure terror on my face and both of our hairs are just flyin' everywhere! Crikey, that is one mighty, mighty ride... (with a mighty, mighty queue time as well.)

Personally I liked Air the best basically because I've never been on anything like it. A roller coaster were you lie down on your back part of the time just amazed me deeply. Anyway, I've decided to do my top fave rides (that I went on) because after all of that excitement I feel kinda bored and fed up back in reality...
1. Air
2. Oblivion (even though it scared the pants off me)

3. Nemesis
4. Ripsaw (God, the bit at the end feels like someone's just t
hrown a bucket of water over ya head)
5. The River Rapids (lol, we shouted "LEON!" and sung Ghostbusters on the way round so it was just funny. Plus Becky had gone all hyper...)
6. Hex
7. Corkscrew (I just didn't like it for some reason. Probably coz it proper bangs ya head and the fact I lost my precious sunglasses on it...*sob*)

Well, there you go. One more morning of our school, before it turns into the new (crappy) acadamy thing next year (>_> I didn't add the 'crappy' was the monkey.....honestly...?), awaits and then its a full eight weeks, I repeat, eight weeks, of freedom in the form of summer delightful....

PS. I'd just like to say to Diem, if she gets to read this, that we had a boss day today and we're gonna miss you. Everybody say it with me...Awwwh.

PPS. If the scanner starts liking me again I may be able to get a picture of all of us on the River Rapids. Tee-hee.

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