Friday, June 23, 2006

The Unknown Title - First Installment of Becky's Stories

Now my mate Becky has written two stories and is writing one at the moment. This is the first one she wrote and is based mainly around the game Jak X (along with some appearances by Resident Evil characters). Even if you've never heard of that you're bound to enjoy this rather 'different' story XP
So here you go....(second of Becky's work coming soon)

The Unknown Title

Oww, that was a punch and a half. But I suppose I'm used to it. I'm Trixy and my partner is Lydia. We are known as the south side heroes, we always protect the south side of the island including Roxide City, the place I grew up in. We have saved this city from the Atomic Belly to the man who nearly killed me, Shiv. And now we are fighting another gang that are trying to kill us. I'm known as Golden Lightning, I have gold hair and I use my weapons fast. Lydia is known as the Black Menace, she has black hair and took out 20 men in 10 seconds - with my help of course. We defeated the gang and went home.

At 10 o' clock that night there was a knock on the door. A peculiar small man who looked like a child stood there. He said, "I am Ramon Salazar and I seek the south side heroes, so where are these men?"
Lydia came over and we said, "Right in front of you." I also added, "And you need to wear some modern clothes."

We were passed a letter which read:
'Dear south side heroes,
I, well we, need your help. Krew's daughter, Rayn, is destroying Kras City and into Rayntopia. Please help,
The north side champions.

I got out my phone and called Leon, an old friend, and told him to drop us off.
When we got there we saw Salazar and he took us to a room. There were many people there but only five I could recognize: Shiv, my arch enemy, Razer, Lydia's ex-boyfriend, Sig and the kids from the orphanage, Jak and Daxter.

I spoke saying, "who are the north side champions?"
Daxter came up to me and said, "moi and Jak but mainly moi."
I laughed saying, "I beat you two at a wrestling match. How could you protect half the island?!"
Jak said, "I do protect the island but we need help. First of all, this is Ashelin, Keira, Sig, Shiv (damn Shiv), Edje, Torn, UR-86 (now good), Pecker, Dax and me. Are you with us or not?"
Lydia said, "I'm with."
I agreed. I was handed a handful of grenades and me and Lydia were given a car to share. We had to race first, I drove fast and Lydia was busy blowing people up.

First, we battled our way through the maze of bridges. It was pretty messy but we survived. We also took care of the snake pit, bog of frogs....well you get the idea.

Until we finally got to Rayn's castle. As we planned a way to get in Shiv fell to the ground, then UR-86. Eventually everyone until me, Lydia, Jak and Daxter were left.

We quickly got in, when I remembered Razer hadn't been with us. Oh well. We were up to the last room when Jak and Daxter fell. "Go on without us," Jak managed to shout.
It was just me and Lydia. Suddenly, Razer came and put Lydia in a trance and led her away. It was just me. I went in...

It was dark. Then the lights turned on and there were mirrors everywhere. I could see Rayn's reflection everywhere. I chucked a bomb but missed. Rayn threw a knife and got me, I bled but carried on. I finally hit Rayn and then fell to the ground unconciously.

When I woke Jak, Daxter and Lydia were there. Lydia explained that I had bled too much from when Rayn hit me with the knife. The trance had wore off so she came and found me.
I was just so happy Rayn was behind bars and Kras City was back.
Ramon dropped everyone off but before he did we stopped for a McFlurry.


Jade's Gallery

Hey, just thought I'd let you see these fab pictures Jade (in my school) has drawn.
And yes, she has drawn all of them herself.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Now I don't know how this is exactly gonna look (probably crap but meh) but here's a logo-thing I made just then. If only I knew how to work the scanner, be a hell of a lot easier.

Hmm. Not too bad...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Hanso Foundation - Fact or Fiction???

Fan of Lost? Well even if you aren't this might interest you anyway.

Take a look at this website:

Looks pretty normal and you're probably wondering why the hell I asked about Lost before. Well I'm not going to go on into great detail about it, you can look on wikipedia for that, but I just thought I'd make a post about it because it is so darn strange.

Apparantly there is some game-type-thing going on called the Lost Experience and there's loads of clues about the series dotted around in the most random places. Take this for example: on an advert for 'Jeep' cars, (I think. Actually it might have been at the end of an episode of Lost or infact I think it was just some weird advert on the telly) a telephone number appeared. Someone actually bothered to call this number and it was this strange Hanso Foundation thing and you were supposed to be able to press all different numbers and it would say stuff, like a real company thing would do. You can even apply for jobs on the website!

Just think though, this is a TV programme, why are they going through all this trouble for some game? Too weird for me... They've even got 'Sprite' in on the action! My brother, Craig, showed me some 'Sprite' website (don't know what the link is sorry) and it was pretty creepy too. Also, because he has been researching it more than I have, Craig knew some number to put in on the Hanso website and then all the screen went weird and all this stuff about the Dharma-thing came up. I didn't like it, I tells you. There's a monkey on the website too called Joop and its face is meant to morph into human faces (eep) if you look at it long enough.

I'll leave you to look on wikipedia for more info:

And, well, that's it.

Suppose my title 'Fact or fiction?' is abit stupid really, coz it obviously is fiction. The Crazy Monkey suggested it though and once he gets an idea in his head you're better to just go along with it....they don't call him 'Crazy' for nothing....

The site has now been closed. Quote from Wikipedia, "
On June 20, 2006, the website was closed due to 'malicious infiltrators' and claims it will be reopened when legal arrangements are made."
This sounds like it may open again but who knows.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Just to let all you people know I'm going on holiday tonight and won't be back til like next Wednesday or Thursday. So if the blog doesn't get a good ol' update for ages, that'll probably be why.

Cya's soon

Lydia & the Crazy Crazy Monkey XxX

Also, because I know my mates'll be confused, if you wanna read any past posts that have kinda..disappeared..use the archive thingys over there somewhere -->

Monday, June 05, 2006

'Funny Moments have moved house

The 'Random Funny Moments' have moved to their own blog. (original eh?)

It was just getting too big for this blog and from the looks of it by this time next year the blog'll be about a week long (however far a week is...).