Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now...) Chapter Two

Lucky people, you get two helpings of story within a couple of hours!

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now...)
Chapter Two.

"Ga Ga." I was hungry.
"Does my little baby want some carrots and peas?"
Okay, maybe I went a bit too far back but c'mon, I was a cute baby.
Maybe I should go back about a week before the little, lets call it, 'battle'.

I was just playing on claiming my cactus, Greggory, when my mother said there was a man at the door. Actually she said a child but when I saw him I knew it was a small, slightly less than average, man wearing slightly old-fashioned clothes named Ramon Salazar.
"A message from Vince," Ramon spoke.
Vince's voice blared out. "Help...Pie...F....ace....Help!"

I knew who Vince was. A TV Idol, but how did he know me?

End of Chapter

©Rebeckah D 2006

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