Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday 14th December 2007

Hey guys.

Been through a bit of a rough patch at school this week. Things don't half get uber-complicated sometimes.

Moving on, my Guitar Hero 3 came on Monday! I've finished it on medium so now I'll move on to hard. When I first started playing I was like, "Whoa, what have they done to this?" but I've gotten used to it now. I see why people were saying it's changed, you can just feel it (coming in the air tonight, hold on). It's like, you can't quite put your finger on it, but its lost some of it 'umpf'. They shouldn't have changed who made the game. Still good fun though, some cool songs on there.

What is it now? 11 days till Christmas? Squee!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday 4th December 2007

I have to tell you, my right hand is so cold right now. Darn mouse...

Yeah, so anyway, my life right now? Same old story. Early mornings, crappy school, home, bed, early mornings, crappy school...and so on. And don't take that the wrong way. Don't take it as, "MY LIFE'S A MISERY!! DAMN YOU CRUEL WORLD!!"...even though it did kinda had a 'mi life sux' ring to it.


I just started waffling. My apologies.

Anyway, when I do get home my routine lately seems to be grab some milk & a biscuit & then watch some 'toons. I blame Becky to be honest. But anywho, it always seems to be the last 15 mins of Fairly Odd Parents (I get in at quarter past the hour) and then I head on over to Cartoon Network for Storm Hawks (<- you can poke so much fun at that show, but it's still great XD). Then I usually go on the internets or something equally as mundane. Sigh.

What to talk about...what to talk about...erm...I ordered Guitar Hero 3 last night. It was about £7 cheaper on than, like, the rest of the world, so I'm a pretty happy bunny right now - Despite the rumours there's something "not quite right" about GH3, it's "lost it's charm" and the fact that I don't even HAVE it yet (I'm waiting on the postie). But still, NEW GUITAR HERO SONGS!! Huh-zah!

I'd like to reccomend an absolutley fantabulous book to you peoples - Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. Finished it last night and it was freakin' greatness it was! I mean, skeletons, detectives, wizards and good ol' wisecracks are fab on their own, but mush them all together and you've got yourself some AWESOME! Can't wait till April '08 for the next book!

Well, I'm bored and have geography homework to do (gotta draw some lame picture for a presentation that then needs to be photocopied and given to my 'marvellous' classmates for them to label as I ramble about floods. Oh joy of joys) so I'll be on my way.

'Till next time my eAmigos! (see what I did there??? With the 'e'??? 'Cause we're online???...Did I just hear a tumbleweed?)


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That's what I've got to say about the Playstation 3. Down right impressive.

My brother bought his about a week or 2 ago but I only got my first proper play of it last night. I had a go of Motorstorm - so much fun XD. The crashes are proper great, heheh, especially if you're on a motorbike/quadbike. Then he showed me the demo of SKATE that he'd downloaded and that looked like good fun. We turned it off after a few mins though because he wanted to show me Warhawk. How great is that game?! Warhawk, I mean. Haha, after he'd shown me the basics of how to play it we joined a proper game (it's an online game) with loads of other people on it. We snuck into the enemy team's base but we got spotted so we were hiding in this little tower thing. The next minute our Craig's character has been killed and he's telling me to move out of the tower. Thing is, I didn't realise he had been killed so I stayed in the tower where I could see another player (thinking it was my brother) and got sliced to death XD. Sounds pretty lame right now, but it was funny at the time lol.

Anyway, after hearing a few bad things about the PS3, I was surprised by how good (and really clever) that console really is. 'Tis reccomended - if you have the money!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


You can now find the epic story of 'Grapes' at the new blog
I will post on here every time a new chapter is added.

If you are new to Grapes why not try Chapter 1:

Chapter 1
Leon woke up hot and sweaty. It had been like this since Ramon Salazar died in Ramon's castle. Oddler Saddler was nowhere to be seen and as for Ramon, well, Leon has disposed of him. So Leon decided to live in the castle with his dead friend's body, Luis.
Ashley heard Leon's footsteps. She'd told her dad she wanted to stay with Leon. Leon had objected but Ashley insisted. She didn't want to miss Leon's next adventure. They had killed El Gigante, Delago, the Bella Sisters, Doctor Salvador, Bitores Mendez and, of course, Ramon. Ashley had decided she would rather risk her life for fun than be bored in the White House. She closed her eyes and fell to sleep.
"Woof," barked Razzle. Leon had saved him from a trap while he was looking for Ashley. Leon and Razzle had also killed El Gigante. Razzle adored Leon so Leon kept him.
"Shush Razzle, you'll wale up Ashley."
"Oh Razzle shu...oh my god."
Leon dropped the milk on the floor. And a grape.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Horror Returns!

Yeah, so we went back to school today. It's still the same pile of crap that it used to be but I have to admit the day wasn't all too bad. In the morning we just stayed in form till break and then had double geography (which was really easy). In the afternoon all we had was double science which was also really easy. I actually quite like the class I'm in, they seperated top set into two and there's pretty much no scumbags in the class. Hehe, the teacher even said we'll be watching parts of Terminator because it has something to do with speed or something. I'm hoping that it'll be a part from the first one with good ol' Kyle in it, but I can't help thinking it'll be from no.3 :(. Oh, but wait, it'll probably be next week when I'm not gonna be in. Damn. Ah well, I'll get over it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

800th Birthday, 50-something-th Birthday, 20th Birthday

There's been three birthdays over these past three days. The first, the 800th birthday, was Frank's. The robot who lives in my garage.

Although, seeing as how I don't know a Frank, don't know any robots (unfortunately) and don't have a garage this probably isn't true.

The truth is it was the city of Liverpool's 800th birthday on Tuesday. Some funky costumes & sculpture-things in the parade and fireworks in the night. To be honest, I've seen better fireworks.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. She wanted to go and see Hairspray so we rode into town on the bus, met my sister outside her work to give her the house key and then walked down to the Odeon. I wasn't too fussed over seeing the flick, but it turned out to be pretty fun, entertaining and enjoyable. Corny as hell, yeah, but good none-the-less. In the evening, our Craig & Sarah decided to take us all out for tea at Wetherspoons. BBQ Chicken Melt needs a...a...well, I've sat here for a few minutes and can't think of a word, so, that's that.

And today is my sister's 20th birthday. Honestly, you'd think it was her 70th birthday or something, the way she was saying to me last night, "Oh, I'm getting old Lydia!! Tell me how old I am!!" "You're 19 Sarah. 19 for another hour or so." "Tell me again how old I am!" "You're 19." "Again." "You're 19." "Again."......
This really did happen. At about 11 oclock at night too. Heh, it was kinda funny though. In a weird sort of way.
We're not doing anything special today as a family because she's having a party at her own house. I wish her luck with that!

Well, that's all there is to say.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trogdor Tee

Well I actually got up (kinda) early today. I still got to watch The Crystal Maze though, I only got up an hour earlier than my normal 10:30. Anyway, it was that time again - time to go the hairdressers. Ugh. I mean, I like it when my hairs done and stuff, but I just hate going. I always feel pressurized (sp?) into talking to them but I never know what to say lol. And this time round the girl who was blow-drying my hair did it so it kinda 'curled' under my chin abit and, yeah, it looked nice when it was first done & everything but as soon as I arrived in the lovely seaside town of Southport at dinnertime KABLAMO! it was wrecked. As soon as I got in the door before I just ran for the straighteners. Seriously. And she said she'd blow-dried it STRAIGHT. My butt to that! I shouldn't complain really, they're nice people who do your hair, but still, it kinda annoyed me.

Anyway, I just wasted a whole bloomin' paragraph on that, even though that's not my main topic for this post. The main course is (yes, as the title suggests), today, as I walked to Central Station to meet my sister, with my mother in tow, I saw, a man, with...A TROGDOR T-SHIRT! Really! He was just crossing the road when I shouted, "Whoa!! He has a Trogdor t-shirt!". I was in serious awe. Serious. I've seen them in the store on the site like, but to actually see it in person......gaspeth.

Hehehe, I've still got 'I'll make a man out of you' in my head. Yes. The song off Mulan. The BEST song off any film I can think of at this precise moment. What makes it even better is Jackie Chan sings the Chinese (?) version of it! Shocking, I know!

Anywho, I'm probably boring you (even though I doubt anyone actually reads all this crap) so I better go. We may be watching Heroes tonight! Huzzah! Peter & Hiro should for Presidents of the World or something. They deserve it dammit!



Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wish Me Luck

I've got two Biology Science tests tomorrow. That four hour revision session yesterday better not have been for nothing.

Wish me luck.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Much Pressure.

You know, my school is full of loons. Seriously. And not the amazingly-hilarious variety either.

I'm in year 9, right, and I dunno what it's like for other countries or whatever but we're not meant to start our GCSEs till next year - year 10. But no, the freakin' Academy has to have us starting our GCSEs a year EARLY don't they?! Yeah, it doesn't sound like a bad idea but when you're having all this "you've got a big test next week, so come here's a million tests for you to practise with" thrown at you when we haven't actually ever experienced any type of pressure like this before in our lives is just....nasty.

Like for instance, we just did our GCSE Statistics exam yesterday when it was actually meant to only be taken by the year 11s. This exam also had coursework to be completed with it too though, so we've had to come in on Saturdays twice (plus once for revision, which I didn't go to) to do that. The thing that really gets on my wick though, is the fact that WE HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT ANY OF THIS CRAP BEFORE!!!!!!!! 'Cause even in the coursework sessions they just basically TELL you what to write, not TEACH you it. Damn, that test was hard. And we have up to four (although luckily I only have two) science tests on Monday, which we have to go to a revision session tomorrow for. Okay, I know they're trying to help you get the best grade possible & all that (although I can't help thinking they just want you to do well so they look good for their bosses) but seriously, WHO wants to wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning after getting up at 7 every day for school the previous week. And that means that really we only have a one day (ONE DAY!) weekend. It's absolutely diabolical it is.

You know, I could rant all day about maths tests, ICT coursework (although I DID find out I got a grade B today for the unit, which I was happy about), Miss Askew, the rest of her evil minions, the skanks & scumbags that wreck my life daily, and all the rest of it. I honestly could. I mean, I used to think my life wasn't all that great & that I hated school & everything but, to tell the truth, if I'd known what the NLA was going to be like, I might of actually appreciated everything I had.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Time: 5:41pm

Booyah! My mum and dad told me last night that we're going to Salou for 3 nights in July! Yay! I don't think I've ever had two holidays in one year before (we're going to Majorca in September, that was booked ages ago) and not only that, but it's the day after I finish school for summer! So I get a holiday at the start of summer & at the end! Sweet sweet joy. God, I can't wait now.


Thursday, May 31, 2007


Time: 12:03pm

Hehe, my sister got back from her holidey in Rhodes yesterday and she just gave me & my brother our presents - little Playmobil people! (bare in mind we are both over the age 10, my brother being over the age of 20 XD)
I got a little pirate dude (his beard is truely fabulous) and Craig got a little snowboarding dude.

Toys are so great!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Erm...Head check for a Miss K please?


Riiight, I had a dream last night that someone stole my Subway sandwich...


Yeah, I know how this sounds.

Strange thing is, I've never even been to Subway in my life. It was really vivid as well, I can even remember choosing the stuff to go on it - chicken, lettuce & tomato sauce. It was so weird. One minute I was holding the Subway sandwich & the next I was holding no Subway sandwich. Hahahaha! It's so random! Even randomer than that dream with Bill Clinton...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FF Dreams

Holy crap, my friends are insane. Well Becky & Jade anyway. They both had dreams the other night about Final Fantasy (yes, they are obsessed) and they were both pretty hilarious. Well Becky's was, while Jades....was kinda disturbing more than anything else. But that's another story. Here's Becky's (she's turned it into a script. Lydia is moi):

Jade house in an unknown room.

(Jade, Becky and Lydia are playing final fantasy 12. The PS2 blow up.)
Jade:(reeling in horror) omg what has happen to my PS2.
Lydia:(also reeling) a fuse may have blown.

(Vaan and balthier enter through t.v.)

(Jade runs over and wraps herself around Balthier's leg.)
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
(above convosation continues in the backgroud).

(Lydia talking to Vaan)
Lydia:So what do you do?
Vaan:I want to be a sky pirate. I love being in the air.
Lydia:Like faeries?

(Becky in the background).

Becky: This is disturbing.

(Basch, Fran, Ashe and Penelo enter through the T.V. Jade's mum enter through a door with a tray of tea. jades conversation is still in the background. The conversation fades in to the main talk.)

Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:excuse me but may i have some water?
Jade: I love you
Balthier:Does she have mental issues?

(Lydia is talking to Vaan)

Lydia:So do you have a girlfriend?
Lydia:A boyfriend?
Vaan:(hands on hips) No way, girlfriend.
Lydia:Do you have a pig?

( Becky is plaiting fran's hair and talking to Ashe.)
Ashe:Boys are like so immature
Becky:Tell me about it
Ashe:I mean you like totally get your hair done all like gorgeous and they go all girl on you.
Becky:Well yano men.
Fran:They are just like mist.

Basch goes to the t.v. and plonks the T.V.

Basch: yay no more game.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bebo Stuffs

I'm just clearing out my Bebo page but I don't wanna delete the memories so I'm pasting some stuff here. ^^

"Geez louise!" "And thats the end of that chapter..." "Ya wa!?" "Wassup with that?!" "Where'd ya get it?" "Sheesh!" "Outrageous!!" "Darn shockin that" "crazy...." "insanity!" "No one beats me in the kitchen" "the question is...." "Oh my gosh. I think we got a problem" "DAMN YOU _____!!!" "IT JUST DROPPED!!!" "hehehe HOOOONNNNNKKKKK!!!!" "Class, that is" "___, I tell ya.." "Do you like cheese?" "THE GULLS!!!" "WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHEEEEERRRRRRR!!!" "thats NASTY!!!" "Never good when ya do that..." "Aww, bless" "Theres a hairball on my FOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKK!!!!" "JACOB!!!" "Is that to do with feet?" "Yum yum pigs bum" "CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!" "aww, Steve..." "chewie!" "NOOOOOO!" "Hiya" "Hey look, its a shifty lookin guy in a grey suit"
"I was talking to the tall one, shorty" "Choose a number 1 to 26, er...S"" "oof" "eep" "wake me up wen September OOF!" "Heheheheh thank you stranger" "aha, now it all makes sense" "come again?" "eh?" "..shocking.." "Oh yeah" "____ son" "pick up you wand, potter" "SIG!!!" "How does he get that sheen in his hair? I must know..." "thats what im talkin 'bout!" "Boom baby!" "Its gone all fonny!" "Damn it Wilson!" "do you come from a land down under?" "Where's your cactus?" "is your leg vibrating?" "Buckle up!"...."okay!" "thankies!" "we're gonna find out!!!!" "shocking revelation!" "LEON!!!!" "okies!" "Mighty fine!" "How DARE you?!" "NOOO! MR AFRO!!" "Aww Nemi" "FREEDOM!" "Stiny, get me a danish!" "It's lookin bleak..." "Hellz yeah!" "meedlymeedlymeedlymeedlymeee!" "Let me out!" "Aye" "Look deep into the parka.." "I'm Old Gregg!" "I am Resident Evil!" "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!" "ahh..teh randomness.." "The un-dead cannot die!..maybe they can.." "Gotta love ___!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

No more life for another 7 weeks.

Time: 3:50pm

Back to school tomorrow. How terrible.

Why do they ruin our lives like this?!

I think I might draw a comic strip of Underlord Gay Askew getting burned or something. Oh how I wish she'd burn.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mwy warnt mwy bwadges...

Time: 9:32pm
Bopping to: Kinghts of Cydonia - Muse

My badges (y'know little ones that you stick on your bag or coat or something) are officially lost. They have been for a couple of weeks (maybe even months) but I've asked around and no one has no idea where the hell they have gone. *weeps* WHERE ARE YOU GODDAMN IT?!!??! It took me ages to collect all of them and I even spent £1.50 (yes, ONE POUND FIFTY!) on my Mighty Boosh kittens one because I saw it on eBay and was just, well, drueling basically. Owh, it isn't fair.

I think I'm slightly hyperactive.

(Oh, I didn't explain what the title of the previous post was all about. Well sorry but I can't be bothered now. That time has passed.)


Where are you??

Saturday, February 10, 2007

High off the Big One buzz.

Time: 9:27pm

*Belts out Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"*

I'll explain the title in a future post.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I'd just like to say that from now on this is literally going to my online diary thing. So be prepared for some crazy ramblings.

Time: 4:15pm

Ever feel like crap for no real reason?

I do. Right now in fact.

Not even listening to 'Collide' is cheering me up. Heurgh.

Half term starts on Monday and it's my birthday on Sunday. Enrichment week in school has been so rubbish, I think I've been crippled by that stupid army training thing. I'm thinking of sueing.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hello from Box World Central.


Jenny - cheese
Lydia - *nervous laugh*
Jenny - you slayed my jedi
Lydia - let's see what Carina has to say!
*taps Carina*
Carina - i love an older boy !!! *gasp*

*soooo shocking*

jenny- i know who it is :0
Lydia - dun dun DUNNNNNNNN
jenny- its chainsaw charlie the grave digger
Lydia - HOLY COW!
Lydia - Anything more to say?
Lydia - no?
Lydia - Okay, farewell dearies!!!!
Jenny - totty bye old chum
Carina - *silence*