Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jak & Daxter

In a food lesson long ago we had to design a pizza box. It was around the same time when we went through the whole 'Jak X' phase so Becky had brought the little manual that comes with the game into school. That is when a stroke of pure miracle genius came about and Becky produced this amazing picture on her pizza box....Okay, it may not be amazing to everyone, but anything that makes you laugh is damn right amazing in my book (I really should start writing that book...).

Tee-hee-hee, I may scan the whole pizza box design in one day and you can see the rest of the masterpiece including "All Natural Ingrediants!", "Eat Razer Style!" and all the other little things that me and my cronies find funny but probably no one else in the world does...

Things I do when I'm bored. #2

When I'm bored I waffle. Get ready for some serious waffling!!!! (mmm...waffles...)

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 the other night. Shocking yet absolutley fantabulous that film is! I'm glad I watched the first one again the night before because Dead Man's Chest included a few jokes to do with #1 and knowing me if I hadn't of watched it the night before, I would have totally forgot about them and just be like, "wha?!". I must say I was pretty impressed by the 3-way sword fight and the special effects - Beautys! (why did I just say that? why did I just say that?..) Anywho, I can not wait for Pirates 3!!! Does anyone know when it's coming out? Next year or even later? I hope it's not later, I need answers!!!!!
-What's Will gonna do about the whole Jack & Elizabeth kiss?!
-What's gonna happen to Davey Jones and his heart!?
-How are they gonna bring Jack back to life?! (if he's even dead...)
-And what the hell is gonna happen with Captain Barbossa?!!?!?
It's just all too much.....

In other news...
I'm goin to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on 4th August!!! YIPEE!!! I luv fairs!!! I can't wait to go on the Big One!! It best not be shut on the day we go, I'll cry. And it best not be raining either, coz if it is, we won't be going at all! NOOOOO!!

The week after Blackpool I'm getting my brace tightened. Great, another 3 days of bananas, yoghurts and mush in general. Oh well, at least this time I'll be used to the brace itself, I'll only feel pain (only?! I say that like it's a good thing).

Well, I suppose that's it really. If I think of anything else to waffle about, I'll be sure to add it!!! How lucky you people are!!!!

The Cutest Thing Ever!

Omg, I just found this picture of the cutest likkle monkey ever!!! Look:

Cute Monkey


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now...) Update

Just to let it be known, I may not be able to post the next chapter of Becky's story for quite a long time because it's the summer holidays and this year we have eight weeks off (shocking I know).


Update 20/07/06
Becky now has a blog of her own - -
where she's gonna post her stories. She's currently only done the introduction but I'm guessing the stories will be coming soon.
I'll still be posting the stories here as well.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Things I do when I'm bored. #1

As the title may suggest, I'm bored. So here's my top 5 PSP games (that I've played).

1. LocoRoco.
This game is just the best thing ever. Whenever you feel sad play this game and you'll be smiling very, very soon. I don't know whether its the insane yet catchy music, the cuteness of the little Locos/Rocos/LocoRocos (what are they called?), the way they all scream when they come apart, when they see a baddie they shout "MOJA! MOJA!" (as thats what they're called) or little Muimui, but this game just shouts HAPPY! in a loud, but extremely cute & funny voice.
One of the best things I've played in a while.

2. Daxter
Well its kinda obvious this is gonna be near the top of my list coz I'm a big Jak & Daxter fan but even if you aren't you'll find this game fun. Like all the other games in the series, this is a piece of good and the graphics/story/gameplay and everything is just kool. What makes it even better is it's set just at the very beginning of Jak 2 (the best game ever) so its good seeing some of the same places and watching some of the plot holes be filled. The only thing I have to complain about is the length, very short for J&D, but I think ReadyAtDawn did a good job on this game.
Only just missed out on the top spot.

3. Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble
One word describes this game: craziness. Before my brother got this game I'd never heard of Viewtiful Joe in my life, now it's one of my fave games. I haven't actually played the story mode so cant comment on that but I found the rest of the game pretty damn great. It's one of those games you get sorta addicted to and everytime you see the PSP just sitting there screaming "Play me!" you just must obey.

4. Ape Academy
Yep, yep, yep, those Ape Escape monkeys have returned in this good, but can get frustrating, game. It's pretty much a load of mini games, some which I find impossible. (if anyone can do 'Monkey Juggle' or whatever its called, please let me know so I can marvel in your amazing greatness) I do find the two-player mode a lot of fun. Being able to play with your mates on some of the games with just one PSP is pretty kool.
Once you've been playing it for quite a while though you do get bored and I no longer play it anymore.

5. Star Soldier (I think that's what it's called)
People probably haven't heard of this but it is a fun game to play. Nice and simple. Basically it's a kinda arcade-type, shooty, space-shippy, try-and-beat-your-high-score game which wouldn't have you playing it all day but it's a good game to just pick up every now and again and see how far you get in it.

So, there you go. That kept me occupied for a while...

Rapids pic

True to my word, here's the pic of us all on the rapids. Hehe, I love this pic.
From left: Jenny, Becky, Diem, me.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alton Towers

Awh, just got back from our end-of-year trip with the school to Alton Towers. All I gotta say is that place is fab.

Thanks to me and my mates' "run like hell to the big rides as soon as you get there" tactic, we managed to get on pretty much all the big main rides (apart
from Rita but oh well..) so it was boss! Omg, Oblivion has got to be one of, if not The, scariest rides I've ever been on. 'Ecky Peck, me and my mates were proper poopin' our pants on the build up to that ride and God, the actually drop itself.....geez. You should see the picture that Becky bought of me and her on it. She's got her eyes closed, I've got a look of pure terror on my face and both of our hairs are just flyin' everywhere! Crikey, that is one mighty, mighty ride... (with a mighty, mighty queue time as well.)

Personally I liked Air the best basically because I've never been on anything like it. A roller coaster were you lie down on your back part of the time just amazed me deeply. Anyway, I've decided to do my top fave rides (that I went on) because after all of that excitement I feel kinda bored and fed up back in reality...
1. Air
2. Oblivion (even though it scared the pants off me)

3. Nemesis
4. Ripsaw (God, the bit at the end feels like someone's just t
hrown a bucket of water over ya head)
5. The River Rapids (lol, we shouted "LEON!" and sung Ghostbusters on the way round so it was just funny. Plus Becky had gone all hyper...)
6. Hex
7. Corkscrew (I just didn't like it for some reason. Probably coz it proper bangs ya head and the fact I lost my precious sunglasses on it...*sob*)

Well, there you go. One more morning of our school, before it turns into the new (crappy) acadamy thing next year (>_> I didn't add the 'crappy' was the monkey.....honestly...?), awaits and then its a full eight weeks, I repeat, eight weeks, of freedom in the form of summer delightful....

PS. I'd just like to say to Diem, if she gets to read this, that we had a boss day today and we're gonna miss you. Everybody say it with me...Awwwh.

PPS. If the scanner starts liking me again I may be able to get a picture of all of us on the River Rapids. Tee-hee.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now...) Chapter Two

Lucky people, you get two helpings of story within a couple of hours!

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now...)
Chapter Two.

"Ga Ga." I was hungry.
"Does my little baby want some carrots and peas?"
Okay, maybe I went a bit too far back but c'mon, I was a cute baby.
Maybe I should go back about a week before the little, lets call it, 'battle'.

I was just playing on claiming my cactus, Greggory, when my mother said there was a man at the door. Actually she said a child but when I saw him I knew it was a small, slightly less than average, man wearing slightly old-fashioned clothes named Ramon Salazar.
"A message from Vince," Ramon spoke.
Vince's voice blared out. "Help...Pie...F....ace....Help!"

I knew who Vince was. A TV Idol, but how did he know me?

End of Chapter

©Rebeckah D 2006


"OMG BRAND NEW STORY!?" I hear you scream in amazement (well maybe not, but y'know...) Yep, Becky's started writing a new story! Expect to see more characters than ever before! The Mighty Boosh, Resident Evil and maybe others depending on how she feels.

Here we go again...

The Story of Untoldness (Until Now..)
Chapter One.

So there I was standing face to face with the horrific Pie Face. How did it come to this? Why was I battling the evilest super villian in the world? These questions kept popping into my head and I couldnt get them out. I wanted to yell ''mummy!'' and run but Vince and Howard were about to be killed by a pie maker. Naboo and Bollo were about to be eaten by a giant cat and Leon and Ada were tied up above a boiling hot tube of hot chocolate. Gosh, how was I going to get out of this one? Normally something would come up...
I sat on the floor while every one looked at me curiously. But I knew nothing would come. Even Ashley who was cowering in the corner knew I looked as if I was about to give up, but I didn't. I picked up my Bronze Sword of Hyperness and then, suddenly, had a flashback of how it had came to this...

End of Chapter

©Rebeckah D 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mine & Sarah's Summer Party Song List

God, what a mouthful of a title...

Anywho, if you've looked at my Random Funny Moments blog you will have probably read about mine and Sarah's list of songs that she's downloading for her mate Jenny's birthday party (it's gonna be a hawaiian-summer-tropical-type party). So, because I think it is such an fab artefact of great historic-ness, I'm putting it on the blog....yeah. (GO MINI-STEVE!)
It's actually written on the back of a bingo ticket thing because on our last night we didn't leave the apartments till about 2:30am and just had to sit in the bar, bored. Plus, it is even more sacred, because it is the bingo ticket which only needed one more number to win 50euros or whatever the prize was. ...Damn you no.90....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sugar Puffs - The Second Installment of Becky's Stories

Here it is, Becky's second story - Sugar Puffs. Again it's based around Jak and Daxter with a dash of Resident Evil.
Not much more to say apart from: sit back, relax and enter the crazy mind of Becky...

Sugar Puffs

As he crushed me in his hand I thought of how it had led up to this. Daxter had died a watery death as there were no ripples left in the water and now I was going to die.

It all started when we heard of the dark eco on the Forbidden Island.
Daxter said, "I don't go anywhere with scary, spooky or forbidden in it's name." Ramon then said, "Daxter is a scaredy cat, well scaredy ottsel."
Daxter grabbed Salazar and punched him.
Ramon shouted, "Reginald!"
This small 2"4 boy in his 16s came in. Ramon blabbed on about his son. Reginald was basically mini-mini-me of Ramon.

Anyway, me, Dax and Sig drove to the Forbidden Island. On the way we heard Razer the loon sing the 'Nana Moon Rhapsody' on the radio. Daxter mimiced it with a pen in his mouth and a doll with a big red afro. I laughed and then got out because we were there. I gave our chauffeur UR-86 10p and said, "Keep the change" then walked off.

Sig said, "Jak I'm sorry but I can't get past, Dr Baboon has security lazers where metal can't go past. Sorry cherries, but it's my eye."
Me and Daxter went past and carried on. We got past the giant cat on the mat and the rain of apples.

Finally we reached the vault that contained the dark eco. I was about to stick my amulet in when a massive robot grabbed me. Daxter tried to get me but got flung in the river.

Now I am back up to the start of the story. I am struggling but it is killing me quicker.......I....I feel weird......

I woke up. Keira towered over me. I clambered up and Daxter jumped out of the water and said, "Jak, I am never going swimming again."
Leon said, "Lets go get that dark eco."
Well you know the rest so I'll skip to the end..

When we got home I invited; Ramon, Reginald, Leon, Ashley, Luis, Claire, Shiv, Torn, Edje, Ashelin, Sig, UR-86, Pecker and Steve.
Razer came anyway and sang.
I kissed Keira and thanked her saving me.

This is Daxter saying: Jak don't write too much info! and does anyone know how G.T Blitz gets that sheen in his hair coz I must know.

Ok Dax.
We ended the party by eating ice-cream and toast.


My life at the mo


I've got a gallery now on DeviantART, like Jade, so here it is:

Yeah, I know my drawings aren't exactly great but that's how things go. I'm gonna be doing a collage soon (when I get some paper and actually find some time when I can be bothered doing it) so hopefully that'll be good.
I'm gonna add another of Becky's stories in a mo so that'll be something to keep you entertained.
Going to my brother Craig's graduation this week so that'll be another not-full-week in school. (=P I haven't had a full 5-day week for yonks - holiday, off-sick, etc, etc...) You've got to dress up all smart though and you can't cheer or anything you've just got to clap like a posh so and so. Suppose it makes sense like, but sigh.
I am loving The Mighty Boosh at the mo. Its just fantabulous ("Look deep into the parka.."...gawd...). Another thing I'm loving is LocoRoco on the PSP. That game is just so darn happy it makes you smile on the flippin' loading screen! (Okay, maybe that was a lie but you know where I'm coming from).
Had a boss time the last two nites at Steph's & Vicki's. Always have a laugh with my mates though. =D
Damn, I was gonna write something then but I've totally forgotten...erm....hmm....awwh crap its gone.
Poo, its gonna bug me for ages now. Oh well, thats pretty much everything mildly exciting thats been going on round my end.

Cya'z later my little toasties.