Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That's what I've got to say about the Playstation 3. Down right impressive.

My brother bought his about a week or 2 ago but I only got my first proper play of it last night. I had a go of Motorstorm - so much fun XD. The crashes are proper great, heheh, especially if you're on a motorbike/quadbike. Then he showed me the demo of SKATE that he'd downloaded and that looked like good fun. We turned it off after a few mins though because he wanted to show me Warhawk. How great is that game?! Warhawk, I mean. Haha, after he'd shown me the basics of how to play it we joined a proper game (it's an online game) with loads of other people on it. We snuck into the enemy team's base but we got spotted so we were hiding in this little tower thing. The next minute our Craig's character has been killed and he's telling me to move out of the tower. Thing is, I didn't realise he had been killed so I stayed in the tower where I could see another player (thinking it was my brother) and got sliced to death XD. Sounds pretty lame right now, but it was funny at the time lol.

Anyway, after hearing a few bad things about the PS3, I was surprised by how good (and really clever) that console really is. 'Tis reccomended - if you have the money!

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