Thursday, August 30, 2007

800th Birthday, 50-something-th Birthday, 20th Birthday

There's been three birthdays over these past three days. The first, the 800th birthday, was Frank's. The robot who lives in my garage.

Although, seeing as how I don't know a Frank, don't know any robots (unfortunately) and don't have a garage this probably isn't true.

The truth is it was the city of Liverpool's 800th birthday on Tuesday. Some funky costumes & sculpture-things in the parade and fireworks in the night. To be honest, I've seen better fireworks.

Yesterday was my mum's birthday. She wanted to go and see Hairspray so we rode into town on the bus, met my sister outside her work to give her the house key and then walked down to the Odeon. I wasn't too fussed over seeing the flick, but it turned out to be pretty fun, entertaining and enjoyable. Corny as hell, yeah, but good none-the-less. In the evening, our Craig & Sarah decided to take us all out for tea at Wetherspoons. BBQ Chicken Melt needs a...a...well, I've sat here for a few minutes and can't think of a word, so, that's that.

And today is my sister's 20th birthday. Honestly, you'd think it was her 70th birthday or something, the way she was saying to me last night, "Oh, I'm getting old Lydia!! Tell me how old I am!!" "You're 19 Sarah. 19 for another hour or so." "Tell me again how old I am!" "You're 19." "Again." "You're 19." "Again."......
This really did happen. At about 11 oclock at night too. Heh, it was kinda funny though. In a weird sort of way.
We're not doing anything special today as a family because she's having a party at her own house. I wish her luck with that!

Well, that's all there is to say.


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