Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Much Pressure.

You know, my school is full of loons. Seriously. And not the amazingly-hilarious variety either.

I'm in year 9, right, and I dunno what it's like for other countries or whatever but we're not meant to start our GCSEs till next year - year 10. But no, the freakin' Academy has to have us starting our GCSEs a year EARLY don't they?! Yeah, it doesn't sound like a bad idea but when you're having all this "you've got a big test next week, so come here's a million tests for you to practise with" thrown at you when we haven't actually ever experienced any type of pressure like this before in our lives is just....nasty.

Like for instance, we just did our GCSE Statistics exam yesterday when it was actually meant to only be taken by the year 11s. This exam also had coursework to be completed with it too though, so we've had to come in on Saturdays twice (plus once for revision, which I didn't go to) to do that. The thing that really gets on my wick though, is the fact that WE HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT ANY OF THIS CRAP BEFORE!!!!!!!! 'Cause even in the coursework sessions they just basically TELL you what to write, not TEACH you it. Damn, that test was hard. And we have up to four (although luckily I only have two) science tests on Monday, which we have to go to a revision session tomorrow for. Okay, I know they're trying to help you get the best grade possible & all that (although I can't help thinking they just want you to do well so they look good for their bosses) but seriously, WHO wants to wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning after getting up at 7 every day for school the previous week. And that means that really we only have a one day (ONE DAY!) weekend. It's absolutely diabolical it is.

You know, I could rant all day about maths tests, ICT coursework (although I DID find out I got a grade B today for the unit, which I was happy about), Miss Askew, the rest of her evil minions, the skanks & scumbags that wreck my life daily, and all the rest of it. I honestly could. I mean, I used to think my life wasn't all that great & that I hated school & everything but, to tell the truth, if I'd known what the NLA was going to be like, I might of actually appreciated everything I had.

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