Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bebo Stuffs

I'm just clearing out my Bebo page but I don't wanna delete the memories so I'm pasting some stuff here. ^^

"Geez louise!" "And thats the end of that chapter..." "Ya wa!?" "Wassup with that?!" "Where'd ya get it?" "Sheesh!" "Outrageous!!" "Darn shockin that" "crazy...." "insanity!" "No one beats me in the kitchen" "the question is...." "Oh my gosh. I think we got a problem" "DAMN YOU _____!!!" "IT JUST DROPPED!!!" "hehehe HOOOONNNNNKKKKK!!!!" "Class, that is" "___, I tell ya.." "Do you like cheese?" "THE GULLS!!!" "WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHEEEEERRRRRRR!!!" "thats NASTY!!!" "Never good when ya do that..." "Aww, bless" "Theres a hairball on my FOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKK!!!!" "JACOB!!!" "Is that to do with feet?" "Yum yum pigs bum" "CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!" "aww, Steve..." "chewie!" "NOOOOOO!" "Hiya" "Hey look, its a shifty lookin guy in a grey suit"
"I was talking to the tall one, shorty" "Choose a number 1 to 26, er...S"" "oof" "eep" "wake me up wen September OOF!" "Heheheheh thank you stranger" "aha, now it all makes sense" "come again?" "eh?" "..shocking.." "Oh yeah" "____ son" "pick up you wand, potter" "SIG!!!" "How does he get that sheen in his hair? I must know..." "thats what im talkin 'bout!" "Boom baby!" "Its gone all fonny!" "Damn it Wilson!" "do you come from a land down under?" "Where's your cactus?" "is your leg vibrating?" "Buckle up!"...."okay!" "thankies!" "we're gonna find out!!!!" "shocking revelation!" "LEON!!!!" "okies!" "Mighty fine!" "How DARE you?!" "NOOO! MR AFRO!!" "Aww Nemi" "FREEDOM!" "Stiny, get me a danish!" "It's lookin bleak..." "Hellz yeah!" "meedlymeedlymeedlymeedlymeee!" "Let me out!" "Aye" "Look deep into the parka.." "I'm Old Gregg!" "I am Resident Evil!" "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!" "ahh..teh randomness.." "The un-dead cannot die!..maybe they can.." "Gotta love ___!"

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