Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trogdor Tee

Well I actually got up (kinda) early today. I still got to watch The Crystal Maze though, I only got up an hour earlier than my normal 10:30. Anyway, it was that time again - time to go the hairdressers. Ugh. I mean, I like it when my hairs done and stuff, but I just hate going. I always feel pressurized (sp?) into talking to them but I never know what to say lol. And this time round the girl who was blow-drying my hair did it so it kinda 'curled' under my chin abit and, yeah, it looked nice when it was first done & everything but as soon as I arrived in the lovely seaside town of Southport at dinnertime KABLAMO! it was wrecked. As soon as I got in the door before I just ran for the straighteners. Seriously. And she said she'd blow-dried it STRAIGHT. My butt to that! I shouldn't complain really, they're nice people who do your hair, but still, it kinda annoyed me.

Anyway, I just wasted a whole bloomin' paragraph on that, even though that's not my main topic for this post. The main course is (yes, as the title suggests), today, as I walked to Central Station to meet my sister, with my mother in tow, I saw, a man, with...A TROGDOR T-SHIRT! Really! He was just crossing the road when I shouted, "Whoa!! He has a Trogdor t-shirt!". I was in serious awe. Serious. I've seen them in the store on the site like, but to actually see it in person......gaspeth.

Hehehe, I've still got 'I'll make a man out of you' in my head. Yes. The song off Mulan. The BEST song off any film I can think of at this precise moment. What makes it even better is Jackie Chan sings the Chinese (?) version of it! Shocking, I know!

Anywho, I'm probably boring you (even though I doubt anyone actually reads all this crap) so I better go. We may be watching Heroes tonight! Huzzah! Peter & Hiro should for Presidents of the World or something. They deserve it dammit!



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