Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23rd April 2008

Why, hello there peoples of the internets. May I welcome you to my humble abode.

But anyway, I GOT SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT: PLAYING WITH FIRE LAST WEEKEND!! And it's greatness as per usual. I'd quote something that made me laugh out of it, but I can't remember anything right now XD

We had to do Enterprise for enrichment today and, to be honest, I was not looking forward to doing it but it was actually pretty funny. We got split into two groups - Carina, Razel & me and Becky, Viv & Greg' - and the team leaders of the groups had to pick up 3 items from Miss's office and then we had to 'make' a product out of it and do a presentation about it. The presentations were so funny, everyone put on their best 'Salesman' voice and we tried to sell our product. Becky's group were selling a little robot mp3 player that followed a magnetic pen (i think it was magnetic anyway) and we were selling 'Musicup' - a custom made mug gift set with a 10track CD. Hahaha, it was such a lame product but it was the best we could come up with with a mug, a CD and a board rubber (the board rubber posed as marshmallows/hot chocolate sachet).
But yeah, it was hilarious watching their presentation/doing our presentation, and then having the big "Do you have any questions?" battle at the end XD

I better be off ol' chum. My mother and I are taking a visit to the gymnasium this eve and I positively have to get ready now, I do. Tatty-bye.
Walk on Joesphine, walk on. *clop clop clop*

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