Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April 2008

I learnt how to kind-of do a frontdrop today in trampolining! XD I was pretty scared of trying it but it wasn't that bad in the end. And yeah, I've lost most of the skin on my elbows but I can now do a front drop!

Vicki linked me to Charlie the Unicorn 2 yesterday. Gotta be one of the most random and annoying things ever but it is so, so hilarious =D Jenny & me were quoting it all day, and I sent her the 'Put a Banana In Your Ear' song before XD The best line of that song being, "Put a ripe banana right into your favourite ear." Hahaha...

I think we may be going to town tomorrow (so Vicki if you read this in time & get the urge to come - ya welcome to!) but we're all uberskint (except that Jenny one...) so we're just gonna go on a little, shall-we-say 'Cultural' walk down by the PierHead/Albert Dock XD

I bought ICO last weekend! I've been looking everywhere for it and I just randomly decided to check Zavvi to see if their price for FFXII was lower than Woolies when I found it! Just sitting there minding it's own business on the shelf! I was like, "Gasp!" so I just forgot all about FFXII, grabbed it and made for the till, having a little nosey at the people demoing Mario Kart Wii on the way. And not only did I come out with a game that I thought was near-impossible to find except for £17 or whatever preowned on the internet (I got it £13 NEW) but the dude who served me on the till was really good-looking XD And after I left I got a KitKat Chunky & some Cokie-Cola and chilled out in the sun for a while.
All in all it was a pretty C'est Super day!

So anyway, I played some of it last night and it is pretty impressive. Just the sheer size and detail of the castle is amazing (especially seeing as the game's about 5-6 years old) and it seems like it'll be an interesting little adventure. I'm hoping it's as good an experience as Shadow of the Colossus which was also a very "Whoa! Would you look at that!!" kind of game.

Anyway, I better go. Areeeeba!


Vicki said...


And I haven't been well, so even if I hadn't read it hours after you'd been to town, I still couldn't go anyway. XD

Lydia said...

Yeah, ICO's made by the same peoples as Shadow of the Colossus. It's pretty old now & I don't think many people know about it so that's why I found it hard to find. It's meant to be really impressive so I wanted to give it a try XD

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