Tuesday, April 08, 2008

8th April 2008

I'm off school today! Oh, sweet blissful happiness!!

Actually, tell a lie, I had to go in this morning for about 10 boring, pointless minutes with my dad (who was making those stupid Nazi jokes of his the whole time XD. Terrible...) for a parents meeting thing. So yeah, apparantly my target is "To ask questions in Science and give the teacher eye contact so I don't daydream and miss a huge chunk of the lesson becasuse he explains things really quickly & just once".

I discovered a cool & handy little website the other day: www.last.fm You can put what looks like any band/artist in the search bar and then you can listen to their songs! Not ALL of the tracks are the full song, but (from what I've seen so far) a lot of them are. It looks like it'll be useful for quickly checking out a band's sound without having to spend time downloading. I'm checking out Rise Against right now, because their song on GH3 was cool XD

Might try & write some Smarman if Mr Inspiration feels like visiting my brain. Or else I'll just play on Harvest Moon & carry on winning over Dark, 'hem, sorry, Skye.

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Vicki said...

I have a red heart with Marlin on HM. ^.^