Friday, May 09, 2008

9th May 2008


Slightly random question but anyone know anywhere you might be able to download the music off of The Weakest Link? I need it for school :/

I may finally get to play Phoenix Wright on my DS - huzzah! This download better work, I'm tellin' ya!

New Indiana Jones on 22nd! How shocking!!! :D

In other news: It's the weekend. Squee!


Vicki said...

Why do you need it for school? o.O

Lydia said...

Long story short, we're going some (stupid) presentation thing in english and it's getting filmed so you have to make it more than just standing in front of a powerpoint presentation and mumbling (unfortunately).
We decided to do a quiz thing and Weakest Link sounded like it might be mildly amusing to film. Donna's gonna be Anne Robinson XD
But anyway, we need to try and get the music so any ideas?