Thursday, August 03, 2006

Scribblings of the Everythingness 1

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'Scribblings of the Everythingness' mightn't be the best name in the world but it shall do for now. All suggestions for a kinda random/funny/weird-esque name for my diary-type posts will be welcomed with huge, snuggly, huggles (hope I didn't scare anyone off...)
Anyways, because I'm not exactly in the mood for writing at the minute I'm just gonna copy (most of) what I wrote on DeviantART and paste it onto here.

Yay! There's a new Singstar coming out on 4th August! And it looks like a corker, hehe! I can't wait to sing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' (anyone who's watched the Mighty Boosh episode 'Tundra' will know why...) and all the rest. Okay, there may only be 20 tracks instead of the usual 30 but its still gonna be great. I love playing Singstar with my mates!

In other news...
I'm currently in the process of making a Mighty Boosh collage (me like collages, yes). Whether I'll ever finish it is another kettle of fish because making the little Boosh signs/masks/symbols takes a pretty long time, plus it's kinda annoying and long winded. I hope I can be bothered actually finishing it though because by the way I think it's gonna look, in my mind, it should look quite kool. My mind and reality are totally different though so y'know.

I went to see Superman Returns last night with my dad and I'm glad to say (with a smile on my face) that I really enjoyed it. I've never ever been into Superman at all (more a Spidey person) and I've never seen any of the original films but if anymore modern ones come out, I wouldn't hesitate to go watch it. Okay, it was corny but c'mon, what do ya expect from a comic book film! I'd read in a few reviews in magazines and stuff that it was a bit long but when the credits started rolling I suddenly just thought "oh". I wasn't expecting it to be honest and was suprised to hear people say, "they could of cut it down abit" when I came out of the cinema. I mean, I knew it was long but I didn't mind because I was enjoying it. It was the same with Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, I was aware of how long it was but, again, I didn't mind because I was enjoying it. The only reason I didn't go "oh" when that finished was because I knew it ended in a cliffhanger and was kinda expecting it.
All in all, I reccomend you go see both Superman Returns and Pirates of the Carribean, if you haven't already, unless you don't love a whole lot of fun!
(plus, they show the Snakes on a Plane trailer when you go to see Superman! lol, wonder what that's about anyway... =P)

So, that's it my amigos. Bye-bye!

Last word: If at first you don't succeed....give up and try something better!

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