Thursday, August 31, 2006


Oh yes, Sony is releasing a PINK!! PlayStation2. Shocking, I know.

Really though, I honestly don't see the point in them releasing this on 8th November (according to Amazon anyway, but they're usually correct) because isn't the brand-spanking-new PlayStation3 coming out at the end of this year or sometime next year? Aren't the PS2s slowly falling into the PIT OF DESPAIR (ahem..) with all the new next gen. consoles coming out? Unless....(cover your eyes if you can't wait for the PS3)...they're releasing this pink PS2 because the PS3 is even MORE delayed and isn't coming out til the end of next year or even LATER?! Ooooh no..

Anywho, enough with the conspiracies, the pink PS2 is out 8th November 2006, exclusive to Europe (WOO!) and is selling for £129.99 on


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