Saturday, August 12, 2006

Scribblings of the Everythingness 2

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~Again, this is *most* of what I wrote on DeviantART because I don't see the point of typing out a load that's along the same lines of what I wrote on DA.~

Blackpool Pleasure Beach was fantastic!! I love it there! We went on the Big One about four times and we even got to stay on for one of those times (because it was almost closing time)! I went on the Revolution and Valhalla for first time and they were both great! The Revolution was plain strange, going backwards on a loop-de-loop is a new one for me...and Valhalla was funny. You think you get wet on a log flume, well lets just say on Valhalla you may as well swim through it - you get absolutley soaked. Thank God me and my sister had bought rain ponchos (I love mine!) otherwise we'd have probably got frostbite or something because it wasn't exactly a hot day when we went...

I watched 'Kung Fu Hustle' the other night with my brother. I thought it would be some serious Japanese kung fu movie but man, was I wrong. That film was hilarious. There were times when me and Craig (my bro.) were almost crying with laughter. It's not so much because it was full of jokes and stuff but because of the sheer stupidness of it all! "Who's throwing the handles?!" ...ahh, still makes me laugh now... I didn't think I'd really like a film with subtitles but this was fantabulous. I really reccomend it!

I had my brace tightened yesterday *sob*. I hate the dentist, I felt physically sick while I was there - I think it's the whole rubber gloves-in-ya-mouth thing... Bleh. My teeth really ache now. It isn't as bad as it was the first time but geez louise tooth-ache ain't pleasant.

Anywho, I've finished my rant now so bye!

Last word: Always remember, mud is not edible.

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