Sunday, July 06, 2008

6th July 2008

Survived the Enterprise thingy. We had 2 days to organise 'The Merseyside Olympics'. We didn't win (or even come 2nd or 3rd) but we still won more trophies than anyone else, so it wasn't a complete waste of time/my sanity. We got Best New Sport, Best Volunteer somethingorother and one of the three Most Enterprising Students awards (for Carina).

Moving on, it was my sister's graduation on Thursday. She graduated from Liverpool Uni with a 1st! Woo for her! The ceremony was pretty boring (and the continuous clapping left all our hands tingly afterwards) but the rest of the day went good. We took loads of photies and we went to a Greek restaurant for tea. Mmm, that was some nice foods.

Right, now Saturday. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday... why art thou so cruel?! To start off this 'lovely' day teh P Pain struck with satanic evilness causing me to roll around on the sofa groaning for a couple of hours. But evil was not through with me yet. Oooh no. Y'see, I must have squeezed my hot water bottle so much due to the pain that - guess what? IT BURST! ALL OVER MY LEG! Yeah, so I screamed from the scorching water that had just soaked my leg, causing my dad to run into the room in a mad panic and then he pushed me up the stairs (while I was crying and screaming in pain, from both burning AND P Pain) and stand in the bath while he showered my legs with freezing cold water for a whole 25 minutes to stop the burning. Luckily, the water from the hot water bottle was about half an hour old, so it wasn't as hot as it could have been, so I didn't have to go to A&E (thank the Lord). Anyway, my feet were completely numb from standing in freezing water for half an hour so dad had to help me hobble down the stairs where I then sat in front of a Diagnosis Murder film with wet towels and a packet of frozen mediterranean vegetables on my legs. A while later I was feeling slightly better, but was still extremely freezing, so went and got changed, had my tea, and then watched Doctor Who (which was greatness, may I say) and everything was pretty much okay.

Wasn't one of the best days of my life.

And how am I feeling today? Well, still have some cramps & back pain, and my leg aches and feels bruised instead of feeling burnt (which is weird) but, as Elton John says, I'm still standing.


Vicki said...

Although you were in pain, I still laughed at this post. XD I'm sorry.

And the Elton John comment was random and funny.

Lydia said...

XD It actually does sound funny reading this post, but I think it's just the way I wrote about it because at the time... holy smokes - not funny at all :(
At least I can comfort my injured soul by knowing that at least my legs didn't blister up. That would've just be plain nasty >_<