Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19th August 2009

I think I'm getting used to the hair now. Still a bit unsure but I'm over the 'freak out' I had yesterday when I realised my hair had actually changed colour xD

Anywho, going to town tomorrow with the friends. Haven't seen Steph in aeons (I don't know if that's a word, or just the summons on FFX, but whatever - it sounds interesting) and it's always good to see the others. I went to town today actually with mum, looking for some shoes and other stuff. I got a pair of bright pink Converse-like pumps from Barratts for £12. But seriously, they are dead ringers for Converse! The only way you know they're fakes is because they don't have 'All Star' on them, they're just blank.

I'm getting a bit obsessed with some Metallica songs. Specifically: Sad But True, The Memory Remains and Fuel. It's all Guitar Hero's fault!! ...But they are some proper tunes right there! :D


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