Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25th February 2009

Hidely-ho peoples of the interweb.

I'm sorta catching up in science! Yay! Still a bit behind, but I think most people are. At least I'm not uber stressing about it now. Still screwed for art, but at least she didn't moan at me when I said I hadn't done anything over half term because I'd had almost-flu.

I have a new love in my life: Live bands. Oh my God, Rise Against (and Anti-Flag & Flobots) were absolutley fantastic on Monday.

Flobots were pretty good. I heard someone call them alternative hip hop... it was basically rappers with guitarists and a violinist XD And one of the rappers did some funky dancing. Cool. Also: "Walk with! Walk with! Walk with Jules!"

Anti-Flag were good, but insane! Deflated-Mohawk guy was the insaniest (new word!). Every five minutes it was "You're f***ing beautiful, Liverpool!" or "I f***ing love you guys!" or "F*** the law!" or "Raise your middle fingers to the air, Liverpool, and sing with me!", he crowd surfed, he had a megaphone and... hahahahaha! He pulled the funniest face ever at one point. He looked like he was having a really big poo, but really he was just screaming (even though I heard no noise come from his mouth XD). This image came to me in a flash at dinnertime today and, yes, I found it very funny XD.

Rise Against took forever to come on - everyone was proper chanting, "RISE AGAINST! RISE AGAINST!" - but it was worth it when they did come on. They opened with Drones of all things, I was took by (pleasant) surprise by that. They did ALMOST every song I wanted them to. Yes, ALMOST. They didn't do Entertainment or Savior :( Why do Long Forgotten Sons over Savior!? What were they thinking! But anyway yeah - awesome. And they did all the biggies - Re-Education (the "To the rhythm of a heart beat pounding away" lines were amazing XD), Give It All and of course Prayer of the Refugee. I was thinking all the way through, 'I wonder when they're gonna do PotR', but (as I should have guessed) it was the last song. Everyone went crazy when that came on. Other songs I'm glad they did: Injection, The Good Left Undone (<3 that song!), Behind Closed Doors, Life Less Frightening (hey, the chorus is catchy!), Collapse, Chamber the Cartridge (except I was kinda distracted by the huge mosh pit going on in the middle and the fact I was being crushed against a wall when they did this song), Ready to Fall, Audience of One... yeah I loved them all! The two acoustics (Hero of War and Swing Life Away) were amazing too. The whole room was singing along with Tim (you have scary eyes, Tim, but you're awesome XD) and there were even some lighters in the air and everything. They did two songs I'd never heard before too - there was a good mix in there, they didn't just do everything off the new album. In fact I'd probably say there were more from Sufferer than Appeal to Reason. We also had a chant of "RISE! RISE! RISE!" (not entirely sure why, but whatever XD) in the middle. Patty caught this on video and it's so cool XD.

So yeah, you can probably tell I loved it. My ears were ringing afterwards (and I could hardly walk in a straight line for some reason), but I loved it. I reccomend seeing them live to anyone.


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