Sunday, December 07, 2008

7th December 2008


Anywho, whatsa been a-happenin' lately? Had a nice chilled out weekend compared to last week's major stress-fest, picked our secret Santa's (I hope no one gets me bath stuff!!), started reading Twilight, erm... and I think that's it.

I got persuaded into joining It's just like google but you can win these swagbuck things that let you win prizes. I've got a feeling that there's gonna be a catch somewhere along the line, but Carina sent away for an Avenged Sevenfold print and got it, so I though I may as well have a go.
If you wanna have a go use this link > < and any swag bucks you win, I shall also win! Mwaha!
I currently have 9. Only 4491 more to collect till I can get my hands on that PS3...

Got yet more art homework to do :(. I better start that soon actually, otherwise I'll get myself into a pickle.

I started playing Viva Pinata on my DS. Soooooooo addictive, man! Curse that Dastardos (or whatever his name is) for smashing open my sick pinatas *sob*.

Yet another English mock exam tomorrow. I can't wait. -_-

I wonder what I shall buy for my secret Santa, hmmm. I'll have to have a think.

As Becky had a habit of saying a while ago - Au revoir, baby!

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