Sunday, December 28, 2008

28th December 2008

I would have said this earlier but haven't been on the computer for about a week, so...


Hope you all had a good time. I wasn't really feeling it this year but it turned out to be a nice day, not very exciting - but good all the same. I got what I asked for plus other little random stuffs. I would have asked for a puppy, kitten, PS3 or X360, but didn't see the point - the chances of me ever getting any of those things any time soon are pretty slim. (Although if there's nothing else to get for my birthday I might go halves on a cheapo 360 with Craig... I dunno.)

I actually think I enjoyed giving presents out as much as I enjoyed recieving them this year :)

I completed 'Professor Layton and the Curious Village' before. Yay! Yes, I did have to cheat here and there because some of the puzzles were really hard! (or at least appeared to be really hard, when actually they were ridiculously easy.... I'm looking at you 'Too Many Mice' -_-).
So, what should I play next?

I better go, been on here a while now. All the best for the new year!

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