Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2nd September 2008

I feel really down right now.

For numerous reasons: I was actually meant to go back to school today but didn't because I had a migraine early this morning. And it was really weird because I woke up and felt sick so went the bathroom and my vision practically went, I had ringing in my ears, broke out into a sweat, felt dizzy and I kinda collapsed on the toilet (the lid was down XD) where I sat and waited for it to pass. But it was so scary because I didn't really know what was happening. Anyway, I think I must have passed out or fell asleep or something because I opened my eyes some time later and my hearing was fine again, but I had that little tell-tale squiggle in my vision that told me it was a migraine. To tell the truth I was slightly relieved because the whole going nearly blind/ringing ears thing scared me.
So I staggered into my parents room, told them, and my dad went to sleep in my bed so I could sleep in the same room as my mum. Then all the other migraine crap came - the banging headache, nausea, etc.
I'm okay now but I still feel sick and I sneezed before and (because I moved my head suddenly) I got an extremely bad pain in my head. Couple feeling sick all day and a sensitive head with feeling drowsy and you can see why I feel bloody awful.

I'll probably be in school tomorrow but something (something not too fantastic) has just recently came to light concerning a close friend which probably won't help things.

I also think TOTM is approaching, so that isn't making things much better.

Sigheth. I hope everything improves by the end of the week.


Vicki said...

I go practically blind if I stand up too quickly. XD

Thank God I don't get migraines, they sound terrible. I've had like one or two, but that was it.

Once I was so sick the room was spinning. Now that was freaky.

Vicki said...

Oh, and as I have tinnitis I have constant ringing in my ears. So I feel no sympathy for that part. XD I do for the rest of it though.