Monday, December 04, 2006

So here it is...

...December, not long till Christmas now - WHEE! This year has zoomed by. It doesn't seem like it's been 3 months since the summer.

Stuff that's...urm...happening
I went to see Casino Royale with Becky on Saturday. Great film but I'm still not sure whether Daniel Craig is James Bond (well of course he is but, whatever). Yeah, he's good and everything but is he the James Bond? Meh, maybe it's just me being stupid. I swear, that man must wear contact lenses. His eyes are freakishly blue. Freakishly.

Only one more week of school before that darned 'Enrichment Week'. At least we can go to the science museum in Manchester on the Wednesday for free. Yeah, I've been before (and it's slightly boring at times) but it beats school that's for sure. Our english teacher said we were meant to be going to a pantomime too but who knows.


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