Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hoorah, Lost Season 3 starts on Sunday!

I bet a few people aren't too happy that it's moved from Channel 4 to Sky One. My uncle included - he'll be coming up every Sunday night to watch it now (or we'll record it for him, whatever). My brother started watching it a couple of weeks ago because he downloads them on his PC and he said this series is going to be about the Others. Hopefully we'll finally get some answers about them. Although, being Lost, if we find out one piece of information a whole new round of mysterious-ness will start. It's one vicious circle of "What the hell?" that show. For instance, in the last series we found out the button in the hatch was 'real' (didn't we? It confused me...) but then at the very end it looked like that woman (Desmond's girlfriend?) had found the island, leaving you with a pretty blank face. Followed by a scrunched up confused-looking one. Hmm.

Oh well, all that's left to say is - Let the strangeness begin.

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