Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Hanso Foundation - Fact or Fiction???

Fan of Lost? Well even if you aren't this might interest you anyway.

Take a look at this website:

Looks pretty normal and you're probably wondering why the hell I asked about Lost before. Well I'm not going to go on into great detail about it, you can look on wikipedia for that, but I just thought I'd make a post about it because it is so darn strange.

Apparantly there is some game-type-thing going on called the Lost Experience and there's loads of clues about the series dotted around in the most random places. Take this for example: on an advert for 'Jeep' cars, (I think. Actually it might have been at the end of an episode of Lost or infact I think it was just some weird advert on the telly) a telephone number appeared. Someone actually bothered to call this number and it was this strange Hanso Foundation thing and you were supposed to be able to press all different numbers and it would say stuff, like a real company thing would do. You can even apply for jobs on the website!

Just think though, this is a TV programme, why are they going through all this trouble for some game? Too weird for me... They've even got 'Sprite' in on the action! My brother, Craig, showed me some 'Sprite' website (don't know what the link is sorry) and it was pretty creepy too. Also, because he has been researching it more than I have, Craig knew some number to put in on the Hanso website and then all the screen went weird and all this stuff about the Dharma-thing came up. I didn't like it, I tells you. There's a monkey on the website too called Joop and its face is meant to morph into human faces (eep) if you look at it long enough.

I'll leave you to look on wikipedia for more info:

And, well, that's it.

Suppose my title 'Fact or fiction?' is abit stupid really, coz it obviously is fiction. The Crazy Monkey suggested it though and once he gets an idea in his head you're better to just go along with it....they don't call him 'Crazy' for nothing....

The site has now been closed. Quote from Wikipedia, "
On June 20, 2006, the website was closed due to 'malicious infiltrators' and claims it will be reopened when legal arrangements are made."
This sounds like it may open again but who knows.

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