Friday, June 12, 2009

12th June 2009

I've finally finished school! Well, pretty much anyway. Just two more maths lessons then a maths test and I'm officially done! :D I'll have about 2 months off before going to college on the 7th September, I think it is.

Had my first experience of buying concert tickets for a popular band the other week 0_0 Oh my goodness, the stress! But it was worth it - I am now going to see Muse on 5th November with Becky, Patty and Steph! And I got standing too! Just gotta hope the tickets turn up now :S Haha, they should though. Otherwise Muse are lying barstools for linking me to a dodgy site!

Had some time playing The Sims 3, and I like it! My computer doesn't actually have a graphics card so it crashes occasionally (I have learnt that putting a TV or stereo on and throwing a party causes premature crashing), but it works, which is a miracle. I'm planning to have my first baby once my female sim has became a rock star. She's already lead guitarist so it shouldn't take too much longer.
By the way, and this probably happens because of the lack of graphics card, but has anyone else had the problem of having no roof? No matter what I do, I can't get it to appear! And I don't want a flat roof. It's weird.

I've got REALLY behind on Random Funny Moments again and I don't even know where to start in updating it again. I appeal to anyone who knows me to give me memories!

Discovered earlier that Tim McIlrath's eyes are two different colours. One blue and one brown. How cool is that! xD

Erm, anything else? Oh, I've started listening to Blue Foundation because I loved 'Eyes On Fire' from the Twilight Soundtrack (yes, I bow my head in shame). They're pretty good, but sadly so far nothing's really been as good as Eyes On Fire.

Bye for now.

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