Thursday, April 23, 2009

23rd April 2009

Whoa, I haven't updated this in over a month :O

So... what's been happening?
Spent 4 days in Italy 4 weeks ago. Was really good! Seen the colosseum in Rome, Mt Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Pompei and Capri. It wasn't really hot, but it was nice not having to wear a proper coat xD There were loads of funny times that I should probably add to RFM, but I really don't have it in me right now to think about them nevermind write them all down. But anyway, I'll tell you this - if you ever go to Italy, do not leave without having had Nutella ice cream *salivates*.

Then there was the easter holidays. That was appreciated, but like usual went too quick & I got hardly any coursework/revision done.
Oooh! And I had my college interview and have been offered a place *squeal*! They were really nice & everything sounds good about it. Just slightly worried about the whole fact i won't know barely anyone - and I'm not the most naturally chatty person in the world with people I don't know :S But to hell with it, that's one of the reasons I'm going: to get out of this stupid, boring rut I'm stuck in right now.

Now it's "Uh oh, it's just dawned on me that we start exams in about 4 weeks" time and everyones slightly freaking about it. We've got to go on this BTEC maths weekend tomorrow (yeah the one I was moaning about in another post). We would have had a three day weekend had we not had to go D: Some people are actually thinking it's going to be good - I can't see what's good about staying in a motorway service station doing maths for two days to be honest.

Have had some vivid dreams lately. One featured some dorky (can't think of a better word! xD) yet extremely cute & funny guy named Billy (random) in which I think there was something going on between us :/ And I remember looking out of the window of building we were in and it was like Italy outside, and inside there were lots of cardboard boxes. Was weird. But I remember waking up and missing Billy haha xD It is now my lifetime mission to find The Billy.
Anyway, another one I had was (I think) at a Rise Against concert in some ginormous place with a massive screen and all I can really remember is (I think it must have been) Tim McIlrath putting his arms up in the air in a YEAAAH!! kind of way and his t-shirt coming up and showing his belly button. Why that is the only thing I remember clearly - I do not know. That is the last time I listen to Anywhere But Here just before I go to sleep.
Last nights was in some kind of holiday park/lodge place, but I can barely remember it now to be honest :/
It's weird because I don't normally remember ANY of my dreams. And now I get these randoms.

Has anyone got an account on Downloaded that thing that connects the site to your media player the other day & am finding it pretty cool. I'm listening to some of my 'recommended tracks' right now.
So anyway, if you want to add me my username is Namrams. Which is also my Twitter ;) I have barely any music on this new comp yet though, so thats why my selection on is pretty poor xD

So yeah, best be off, see you soon (hopefully before another month has passed).

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