Saturday, October 25, 2008

25th October 2008

Had a good week this week. Don't want to go back to school on Monday :(

I'm listening to 'Radio 1 Live Lounge Vol 3' right now. Downloaded it because it looked kinda interesting with all the different covers on it. Pendulum's version of 'Violet Hill' was cool XD I'm currently listening to The Feeling's version of Kelly Rowland's 'Work' now. Haha, it's... unusual! But not as bad as you'd think actually!

I've found someone to go to see Rise Against with!! Actually, it's (I think) 2 people. I was asking around and Becky said she would go but seeing as how I don't think she actually knows who they are, I don't know if she will XD My mum's mate's daughter Jenny said she'd go with me too and I think she's been to the Carling Academy before so I won't feel so "I have no idea where I'm going! Ahhhh!" But anyway, gotta check whether Becky'll actually go before we can book tickets :( It better not sell out this week or something ridiculous. I doubt that would really happen, but it's the kind of typical thing that will probably happen!

Anyone know of any proper amazing "WHOOOOOOOOOA" DS games? I need one to sink my teeth into that I won't get bored with.

I had the need to play Jak II the other day but I don't have it so I was sad.



Vicki said...

I had Jak II. Until I smashed it.

Lydia said...

You could have at least given it to me!! :P

Vicki said...

I thought you already had it!

Lydia said...

That was a copy that I could only play on Craig's old, fat PS2 with the lifty-up lid. But then he moved out & took it with him, and then when he moved back he gave it to Stacey :(