Sunday, March 30, 2008

30th March 2008

Over a month since my last post? Yikes.

Only 1 more day of the easter holidays left. Oh, woe is me!

Ohmigosh! In Southport today I saw the new Skulduggery Pleasant book & from the cover alone it looks so cool XD. I really wanted to get it but they only had it in hooge hard-back version, and I wasn't prepared to pay £13 on a book I'll probably only read once. I'll have a little nosey on amazon in a minute to see if any paperbacks are out yet.

I should probably have finished off that chocolate wrapper sketch in my artbook by now, what with school in two days. But then, you know me, I just LOVE leaving everything till last minute -_-

Oh God, I found the most uber-fantastic pairs of tights EVAR the other day. Just take a look at -> these shockers <- ...Yes. I KNOW. But the problem is, what pair would I buy? There's so many awesome ones!! Plus, there's the little issue of them being £13 for a single pair of tights. Just imagine I got a hole in them :O


P.S. Would any kind stranger like to donate £200 to 'The Get Lydia an Xbox360 Fund'? Anyone? Anyone at all...?

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