Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Geez, I haven't written a blog entry in yonks...

Oh my good God, school annoys me so much. Yesterday has got to be THE worst day I've experienced in a very long time. This week, because it's the last before half term, is called 'Enrichment Week' and basically that means we're off timetable and we do fun stuff.

Or so they said.

The whole 'off timetable' thing was actually a blatant lie because on Monday and Tuesday it was business as usual. And, god, the 'fun' part....pfft! Yesterday we had to do all this crap team work thing in form class in the morning which was an absolute snore. Then we had to vote for the school council which is a load of crap. THEN we got screamed at by Askew (the head) and her cronies for about 20 mins about a big fight that happened the night before which half of us hadn't even heard of before! After that we were only left with a 20 min lunch! And then to top all that off we had English, Maths & French in the afternoon. GRRRRR!! I was in a crap mood when I woke up and then I had a kinda fight with my mum coz I was gettin all stressed and then I had to go to that JOKE OF A SCHOOL!
Today we had to spend the whole day doing more 'fun enrichment activities'. Including putting up a tent. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't as bad as yesterday but geez louise....
And tomorrow and Friday we've gotta spend the whole day watching the netball and football teams play. Woo. Pee. (lol pee) My friend Jade was forced to take part in the netball matches even though she doesn't want to. Could things get much worse?

Anyways, I haven't really got any drawing-related stuff planned so I mightn't submit for a little while. Although, hopefully I'll write another Hazaar chapter next week or sooner because it's half term.

And now I'm going to write a list of all the stuff I'd like to buy in the future just for the pure heck of it.
-Futurama series' (I may be getting a 4-episode DVD for crimbo tho)
-The Sims 2 (the stupid copy-ish version I have now is pretty poor)
-The first Jak & Daxter (I shall get & play it one day lol)
-Jeans (boy-fit ones)
-Various DS games (although I'm not gettin my DS til xmas)
-New shoes from Primark (they're only £4! Bargain!)
And probably more, I just can't think of them...


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